Debra Dickinson

About Debra

Debra DickinsonDebra is a full-time RVer and traumatic brain injury (TBI) thriver. Debra shares stories of encouragement, inspiration, and humor through videos, books, short stories, and articles.

Debra has been a full-time RVer since 2014 when she started living in a vintage Class B motorhome named Fiona that she was lovingly restoring. Debra currently travels from her Nevada home base in an AWEmazing, vintage, fully-restored Class C motorhome.

Debra currently travels with Bandit, the Nomad Wonder Dog, but she began her nomad journey with two senior dogs, Bentley and Nonni.

Debra is the author of three books. Her first book, Kaleidoscope 9, is a standalone collection of short stories. Debra’s second book, The Journey Begins, is the first in a series of fictional short stories about life on the road. Debra's latest book, A Pigeon Story, is an allegory for this present time and tells the story of Jacob, a pigeon, who learns the power of letting go, acceptance and transformation after he experiences heart-wrenching loss