Debra Dickinson

Debra at a booksigning in Williams, Arizona

Debra's Books

Debra is the author of two books, and she is currently working on many more. Her books are available as ebooks and paperbacks through Amazon.

The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins CoverThe Journey Begins is a collection of five stories where the main characters find ways to begin new lives, and is the first book of ten in the docudrama series, “Life On The Road”.

These fictional stories borrow from real-life incidents and people on the road (Short Stories from Roads I have Traveled ~ Based on Real Life with Fictional Embellishment). Debra jokes however that the names and circumstances have been changed to protect the guilty innocent.

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Up next in the series will be “KOKO-Keep On Keeping On” where each of the main characters find ways to build renewed lives on the road.

Kaleidoscope 9

The Journey Begins CoverKaleidoscope 9 is a collection of nine unrelated short stories written over a period of several years. With the exception of one sci-fi story, the stories in this collection are loosely based on events from Debra’s life.

Available as an e-version as well as paperback. You can also download a sample before buying. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thank you!

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Debra also contributes a short story to each issue of Meanderings Magazine, published by Robert Witham.