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Debra at a booksigning in Williams, Arizona

About Debra

I have been a fulltime nomad since 2015, traveling in my converted camper van, a one ton 2005 Ford E350 Cargo Van, affectionately called Fancy Free - a rolling palace – thanks to many. Before going fulltime on the road, I lived in a vintage Class B (Fiona) and than a bumper pull trailer (Super Spree).

I began my journey in Fancy Free with my two senior dogs, Bentley and Nonni. I miss them to this day. In 2019, I began traveling with my new furbaby companion, Bandit. He’s the best and makes this journey even more fun. I think you’ll love him too!

I am a TBI thriver (traumatic brain injury), an author, a YouTube Vlogger and a blogger.

Thanks for being here! See you down the road! KOKO!


Debra is the author of two books. Her most recent book, The Journey Begins, was published in October 2018, and she is currently working on the next book in the series.


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